Package Cooker:







VariantConsumer Level: Middle-brow

New Constraints?

Some Rules:

When the page loads, it should give you some constraints to work with… A material, a structure type, and a product.

Brainstorm a “package” that fits these constraints.

If the constraints are too non-sensical, simply refresh (or click “new constraints”) for new ones. This is meant to be a fun, game-like, brainstorm exercise.

We’re going to break into small groups. You’ll then each take turns “clicking the button” to get your own set of constraints. Spend 10 minutes figuring out a few ideas — sketching, writing, thinking. Present your best ones back to your group. Do this a couple times. See who can come up with the most interesting ideas.

After 4 or 5 trials, each of you should pick your favorite idea. Spend about an hour actually trying to comp your idea in illustrator/photoshop/indesign…

Underneath there is also a “variant” condition. This adds one more complication to your ideations. However, it can be helpful to also think about what “level” of consumer your package is aimed at.